Do you feel like you lose money on events because of all the last-minute fires you have to put out? 

Do you wish you could prevent event emergencies before they happen?

Would you like a checklist that can keep you on track to a smooth, drama-free event day?

Can you relate?


As a corporate event planner, it can feel like there’s always something that cuts into your profit margins (and sleep) before every event. There’s always somewhere you have to go, some problem you have to fix… 

I dealt with this myself when I started out in event planning and, while smartphones and consistent internet make it a lot easier to address problems as they come up, there’s still so much that goes into a successful event. 

Ditch The Event Day Drama

From last-minute printer mishaps to directing guests to their conference rooms, it might feel like you have to wear a dozen different hats — and it is straight-up exhausting. Luckily for you, I’ve taken my 27 years of event planning experience and boiled it down to 7 of the biggest “emergencies” you’ll want to prevent. These “emergencies” were ones I had to address in my earlier years as an event planner and that really cut into the money I made for myself. 

To help you out and make sure you don’t have the same problems I did, I made you a short and sweet emergency checklist. I hope it’s helpful to you — I wish I had it when I first started. 😉

Ready to prevent event emergencies before they happen?

Download The Corporate Event Emergency Prevention Checklist

In this download, you’ll see how to:

  • Prevent printer problems
  • Make friends with staff who control the heating & air
  • Streamline the guest survey process 
  • Avert room block crises
  • Stop playing concierge and tour guide on the day of your event
  • Impress your client
  • Prepare for what the event day might bring

Don’t forget to take it with you!

I deliberately kept this downloadable checklist neat and short so that you could print it off or keep it in your digital files for easy reference. You can literally check off each of the items as you go so you can rest easy knowing you’ve planned ahead — and dodged some major event day drama! 

Here’s to a smooth, successful event with extra profit just for you.

Download the Checklist!