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Purchasing the Roar Playbook was one of the best investments I've made in my business. Utilizing Caryl's resources and knowledge has been invaluable. I personally struggled in the areas of pricing and proposals and found the recommendations and templates included in the course so helpful, and truly a game changer for my business.

DeNeitra Burnett
Founder & CEO

My investment in the ROAR Playbook is already paying huge dividends.  As I look to diversify my business, the things I have learned from the program have fast tracked me into ways to win corporate business. 

Tracie Domino
Founder & Creative Director

I took the Roar Playbook course soon after joining a corporate event planning company doing operations, administration and special projects. I had always been interested in event planning but knew almost nothing about it. Taking this course completely changed that. It was incredibly educational, fun and interesting.

Nichole Monte
Event Coordinator

You may be wondering – why corporate events? Why not stick to the buzz-worthy wedding niche? Well, I love planning weddings just as much as the next event professional.

But listen to this: based on a comparison of the average fees, one corporate event can bring in the revenue you’d gain from three private weddings.

The good news? There is no limit to your potential success. The great news? All you need is the right knowledge and skills to push you forward. Whether you are a seasoned wedding planner looking to expand your reach and land corporate clients; or a junior coordinator, striving to show your worth and get promoted – you’re in the right place.


It brings entirely new challenges to the table, like complying with brand standards and pricing your services appropriately. Those that are already immersed in it, like the hotel sales manager or the head of catering, will spot a newcomer from a mile away, believe me.

Lucky for you, I spent the last 26 years gaining the necessary skills and insider knowledge. And I’m going to share all of it with you, so that you can walk in on day one with your head held high, prepared to fill your role with confidence and grace


The Playbook is the perfect solution for any planner that wants to create events that make clients or managers sit up and take notice. In a big way.

I’m Caryl Lyons, creator of the Playbook e-course and owner of Roar Events in San Francisco. Having worked for notable corporations like Condé Nast and Symantec Corp. as an employee and then independently with Roar Events, I’ve gained unique insight into the world of corporate event planning. In other words, I’ve been on both sides of the conference table! I know how to put together a creative brief and an event proposal. I can plan a meeting with the internal marketing team and sit down with the CEO to review the moodboard.

In this course, I’m sharing 26 years of insight and applicable knowledge with you through in-depth videos, diagrams, worksheets, term glossaries and templates. Event planning is my bread and butter! But the most important thing I’ve learned is this: investing in yourself is an essential first step to getting other people to invest in you, too.

I know you’re going to see serious results from this course. If you’re not sure quite yet, take a moment to consider your professional goals. Whatever they may be, remember that you have the potential to be a leader within your department, within your company, and within your industry.

This is your career, your business, your success. This is your moment. Are you ready to walk in with your head held high, prepared to fill your role with confidence and grace?

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