Ready for more money, more expertise, more recognition.


You want your weekends back and want to increase your income. You’ve heard about adding corporate events as a service, but you don’t know where to start… 

Learning something new can be frustrating and scary. This is the plan you need to feel more confident, make more money, get your time back, and gain real-life corporate event knowledge you can use right now.

If that sounds like you… then you're ready to ROAR


Corporate events are NOT the same as weddings — in planning or price.

What most wedding planners do when facing the prospect of planning a corporate event is try to create a proposal based on their wedding experience. But for most planners, that doesn’t work. And what wedding planners don’t realize is the potential revenue earned from one corporate client could be equal to 3 weddings.

Cheryl Bailey, Yellow Umbrella Events

It's a great course. The proposal format was extremely helpful and I have already used some details from that for a gala that I booked recently.. 
We've known for the past few years that we would be phasing out weddings and going exclusively corporate event planning and incentive travel so I really appreciate the information presented in this course.

Do these problems sound familiar?

Are you making them?

Problem #1

  • You want to make more money, but you’re not able to do that with weddings. You know diversifying your event planning services can help… but you want to do it right.

Problem #2

  • You don’t know how to find (or book) corporate event clients. Wouldn’t you love to know how to connect with these clients and actually get your proposal in front of them?

Problem #3

  • You don’t know how to price a corporate event — let alone increase your bottom line with corporate events as a service.

Problem #4

  • You aren’t familiar with the different types of corporate events, so when you create a proposal it’s too general. You need to know the different types of events and their varying costs.

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

You’re never going to grow your event planning business, nor add additional services. This leaves you stuck doing month-of coordination for years to come. Is that where you want to be?

Kelly Ann Peck, Emerson Reese Creative

In the last four years 85% of my business has been in corporate doing galas, corporate anniversary celebrations, holiday events, corporate design work and community events.  What the ROAR playbook brings to the table for me is insider knowledge and how to go after the other parts of the industry. Module 9 on site selection and the proposal templates and pricing - this is huge!! These tools have been invaluable.

How I Mastered Corporate Events

I’ve got the experience. I’m passing down my knowledge to you.

Here’s my story: I’ve spent the last 27 years gaining the necessary skills and insider knowledge needed to succeed in the corporate events world. 

I’ve had so many people ask me to mentor them but most can’t afford my consulting fees and my focus is producing events at ROAR events. 

Then I had an idea: “What if I created an e-course where I could reach more planners and help them master this crazy world of events? What if I helped them with creating proposals and understanding budgets? And what if they learned all about event branding and hotel contracts… and only had to invest a tiny fraction of my normal consulting fee?”

That is exactly how I created the ROAR playbook.

ROAR Playbook Worked For These Planners. It Will Work For You, Too.

I started by business at six figures. I was able to work with dream clients. I built a business that gives me the life of my dreams… oh, and my weekends back too. It’s not just me. If you master corporate events, you can, too. Here is what the ROAR playbook has done for my students.

Casey Muller, Pink Diamond Events

The ROAR playbook has been such a worthwhile investment!  The information Caryl shared would of taken years for me to learn on my own and helped catapult me into the corporate events world. This course helped me feel confident to sell this new service to a whole new clientele.  Caryl is always there to help answer any questions and guide me in the right direction.  If you are looking for a way to understand and learn about corporate events, this is definitely THE course to invest in!

DeNeitra Burnett, Savvy Events

We were already doing brand + corporate events and transitioning out of the wedding world prior to enrolling in the course. The proposal template assisted us with securing some of our larger contracts by leveraging some of the verbiage and the proposal structure. Now that we solely produce and design brand and corporate events our revenue has increased by roughly 40%. This year, due to implementing a new pricing structure we are on track to increase our revenue by 50% from 2018 to 2019

Chrissy Thompson, Dynamo Events

In getting to work with Caryl and the rest of the ROAR team, my event planning knowledge expanded beyond what I knew was possible -  Everything from industry-specific lingo (BEO's, pre-cons, attrition rates, etc.) to sourcing and managing the best vendors to onsite best practices.  I truly view my working with ROAR as the pivotal point in my career. At the beginning I was working in-house as a coordinator at a tech company, and I've now gone on to found my own events agency.

Christina Milliken, Glow Events

Caryl has been an incredible resource for me as I continue to grow the corporate side of Glow Events. Her guidance helped me pinpoint which types of corporate events to focus on, and create a scalable pricing structure for my clients. The corporate market is a completely different business model than the weddings and social sector, and when I first ventured into this new market, there was a steep learning curve. Over the years, Caryl has provided valuable insight into the corporate events world and helped me set up the foundation for what is now 50% of my annual business!

What's Included in the ROAR Playbook

Event Planner Defined

In this module you will learn about the role of the corporate event planner, what is a corporate event, the differences between weddings and corporate events as well as all the different types of corporate events.

1 video

* Weddings Vs. Corporate Events Breakdown
* Room Set-ups Breakdown
* List of Event Department Titles

Getting Started in the Event Industry

Curious on how to find your place in this growing industry? I'll talk about that in this module as well as Best Practices for Networking, Gaining Experience with your Day Job, and Closing the Sale.

4 Videos

* List of Event Organizations for Networking

Mastering Different Types of Events

This is one of my favorite modules because I'm going to show you how to budget for events as well as talk about all the different types of corporate events you can produce.

9 Videos

* Budget Worksheet
* Allocating Budget Dollars Cheat Sheet


Ever wonder how much coffee you should order or if there is really a difference between hotel catering and independent caterers? I'm breaking it all down in this Module.

6 Videos

* Sample BEO
* Questions to Ask Caterers
* Cheat Sheet for Calculating What to Order

Audio Visual

Audio-Visual is a huge part of corporate events and in this module, I'll share AV options, negotiating tips and how lighting can make all the difference in the world.

3 Videos

* Audio Visual Options Checklist

Event Branding & Design

I'm talking all about event branding and design in this module and will give you a play-by-play of where to brand if you're at a hotel. I'll also share how you can brand with food and so much more.

5 Videos

* Branding and Decor Options Checklist

Event Marketing

There are lots of nuances in event marketing and it plays a huge role in corporate events. I'm going to be talking all about it as well as social media, registration and app development.

3 Videos

* List of Registration Resources

Timelines & Project Plans

It's important to understand how to manage client expectations and create a realistic project plan. There are so many details that you need to remember with corporate events and this module will set you on the right track.

3 Videos

* Sample Project Plan
* Rooming List Template
* Rooming List Template (with room shares)

Hotel Sourcing, Commissions & Negotiating

This module will add so much revenue to your bottom line. I'm talking about hotel sourcing, commissions (I promise it's not a bad word in the corporate events world), and negotiating.

8 Videos

* Hotel Brand List
* Concession List
* IATAN Accreditation Requirements
* IATAN Accreditation Application
* Sample Commission Statements

Proposals, Contracts & Finance

Contracts and proposals take up a lot of time in the corporate events world and you really need to understand them. You also need to understand how to price your services. This module is filled with so much information to set you on the right path.

8 Videos

* Sample Proposal
* Sample Pricing Guide
* Sample Hotel Contract
* Calculator - Pricing Event Proposals
* General Event Inquiry Form



I've added all kinds of useful bonuses. These are templates that I use in my business everyday and I know they will be helpful for you.

* Proposal Builder PDF
* Proposal Pricing Calculator
* Sample Hotel Availability Grid
* Hotel Budget Template
* Site Visit Checklist
* Sample Hotel RFP
* Private Online Forum for Q&A
* Event Term Glossary


Now, It’s Your Turn

When you sign up for the ROAR playbook today, you’ll have immediate access so you can be on your way to mastering corporate events.

You’ll leave the ROAR playbook course with… 

  • An understanding of the varying types of corporate events
  • A better appreciation for event design and branding
  • Knowledge on how to create a timeline and what to include in your project plans
  • An understanding of hotel sourcing and commissions
  • Knowledge of hotel contracts, writing proposals, and working with finance
  • Confidence in your corporate event planning skills — the most important part!!

This is a course that, if I offered it on a one-on-one basis would cost a minimum of $7500...

But it's yours for a fraction of that amount.

It all comes as part of the ROAR Playbook e-course for a single payment of $1699 or 10 payments of $195.





(which includes 50 videos)


* Sample Hotel Availability Grid
* Hotel Budget Template
* Site Visit Checklist
* Sample Hotel RFP
* Private Online Forum for Q&A
* Event Term Glossary




(which includes 50 videos)


* Sample Hotel Availability Grid
* Hotel Budget Template
* Site Visit Checklist
* Sample Hotel RFP
* Private Online Forum for Q&A
* Event Term Glossary


You might be thinking...

  • I'm so busy right now

  • It's too expensive, I don't have it in the budget

  • I'm scared of change, I've been planning weddings for so long, I have it down

  • I'm not ready, I'll get it the next go around

  • What if I need help, how will I be supported?


You're right, you might be too busy right now. BUT in a few weeks or a month, it's going to be your slow season. If you want to make a change bad enough, you will make the time. The great thing about this course is that you can start wherever you want. All of the content is given to you all at once.

This course is an investment, I won't deny that, but one corporate event will pay for this course 10 fold. To help with budgeting, I created a payment plan that can be paid over 10 months or you can make a one-time payment.

If you've listened to the workshop and made it to the sales page, clearly you are interested in change and adding Corporate Events as a service. Now is your chance to dive into a niche that is just starting to flourish vs. the wedding industry that is oversaturated and the barrier to entry is so low. 

One more thing: The doors to ROAR playbook aren’t open forever.

Once the doors close, you won't have an opportunity again for several months and it may not be at this price point again.

Tracie Domino, Tracie Domino Events

My investment in the ROAR Playbook is already paying huge dividends.  As I look to diversify my business, the things I have learned from the program have fast tracked me into ways to win corporate business.  It has also provided insight into pitfalls when dealing with corporate events in ways that don’t typically impact weddings, which has been my area of expertise for the last 14 years.

Yolanda Boulware, Event Excellence, LLC

The ROAR Playbook is exactly what I needed to grow my business.  As a wedding planner, I often thought about adding Corporate events to my revenue stream but I just did not know how to get started.  Weddings and Corporate are very different and I did not want to risk my reputation or a clients event by learning on the job.  I searched many programs and finally decided ROAR playbook was a good option.  Little did I know, it was the best option.  I love the fact I can learn at my own pace and in the order I choose. The added bonus are the resources provided with the lessons. This program is great and I would recommend to any wedding planner looking to expand their service offerings.


You have a choice to make:

Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all)?

You know where that will lead. No weekends. No additional services. No increased revenue and still doing month-of coordination for years on end.

Is that really where you want to go?  

Take a new action. Get a new result.

Enroll in the ROAR playbook course.

Corporate events, the proposal process, budgeting, and so much more is covered in just 10 modules. You will also receive bonus PDFs and resources in each module to help you better understand corporate events. I even give you access to all the forms that I use in my business!  And with exclusive access to our Facebook community, you can reach me and ask me direct questions.

With that many perks, there’s no excuse.

Here’s what to do now… Just click the link and sign up and you’ll be on your way to mastering the world of corporate events.

Have a question? I have an answer.

The ROAR Playbook is designed to cater to two types of planners:

  • Seasoned wedding planners who want to use their existing experience to break into the corporate events market,
  • Recent college graduates or newly self-employed planners who want to expand their expertise, 
  • Entry-level corporate event planners, executive assistants, and marketing managers who want to up their game and land that big promotion, and
  • The venue owner who offers planning as part of their in-house services.

Regardless of how much experience you have in our big, beautiful event industry, this course will prepare you for the ins and outs that are distinct to corporate events - while applying what you’ve learned from wedding planning or smaller assignments.

The playbook is for you if you’re ready to master corporate events now, without the messy trial and error of learning a new market.

Yes, absolutely! This course covers the basics for beginners, like how to break into the industry, essential terminology, and different types of events. It’s a great first step for recent graduates or anyone who wants to transition into event planning from another industry. As you progress through the course, you will have a great understanding of corporate events.

If you’re looking to learn more about a niche outside of the corporate world, like weddings, this may not be the right course for you. But, if the big budgets and structured branding of corporate events appeal to you, The Playbook is a perfect introduction!

Honestly, you can’t NOT afford this course. If you’re serious about adding corporate events as a service, you need this information. One corporate event will pay for this course 10-fold. To me, that is a no brainer.  I also offer a payment plan.

When you purchase the course, you’ll have access to all of the following trainings and downloads:

  • 10 learning modules that walk you through different types of corporate events, event design and branding, marketing your services, creating project plans, proposals and contracts, and more.
  • PDF worksheets
  • Templates that I’ve been using to organize my business for years
  • A Glossary of Terms with all the essential terminology you need to be a master negotiator.
  • In Module 9, I have 2 interviews talking about commission, one from a client's perspective and one from a hotel’s perspective.
  • In Module 10, I interview a contracts specialist discussing the Do’s and Don’ts for planner contracts. I also talk to a hotel about understanding hotel contract clauses.

The Playbook is non-refundable.

This course is hosted on Kajabi. It’s an easy-to-use course platform that keeps everyone organized and on-track. You’ll love it.

The Playbook is presented through in-depth videos, diagrams, worksheets, term glossaries and templates. You will have lifetime access to all of it so that you can revisit the content as your career grows and you take on more events!

By purchasing this program, you agree not to distribute the material in part or in its entirety. This includes but is not limited to distributing information through blog posts, e-books, courses, worksheets, or coaching sessions. Our programs are sold individually (to one person) and are not transferable. Sharing account login, recordings, or worksheets are prohibited and your access to our program will be immediately revoked. Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are available.


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